If you have a farm and you don’t  have own the best wheelbarrow could explain why you don’t get things done on time or efficiently. Wheelbarrows are meant to make work easier in, out and around the farm. There are however a few issues you need to have in mind when you’re choosing the right wheelbarrow.


Wheelbarrows come in a range of sizes depending on the type of farm work you carry out. If you transport or haul a huge number of materials like animal waste you need a large wheelbarrow. If you haul material that is heavy, you will also need a large wheelbarrow.

This is important as you won’t strain when you use it, and it will save you a lot of time and eventually money. Larger wheelbarrows won’t overturn easily when you use them compared to smaller ones. If you man your small kitchen garden, a smaller wheelbarrow will be appropriate for you. Don’t forget the storage space you have. Larger wheelbarrows take up more storage space compared to smaller ones.

Best wheelbarrow

Type Of Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows come in two categories; heavy and light duty. Your choice of either of them will depend on the type of work you need to use it for and the materials you will be carrying in it.

If you work in construction, the best wheelbarrow for you would be the heavy duty ones. They’re specifically made to handle day to day activities that involve heavy loads like bricks, cement or gravel. They’re sturdily made with steel suspensions for an even more steady use.

If you’re a landscaper the best wheelbarrow for you would be the light duty ones. They’re designed to withstand small light loads like tools and maybe soil. They’re however not as sturdy as the heavy duty wheelbarrows as they may easily break when used rigorously.

External Materials Used

This could also be a deciding factor for you as it determines the durability and ease of maintenance of the wheelbarrow. Plastic is the major material used as most people prefer it as it’s easy to clean, maintain and is lightweight. However, with time, plastic gets scratches and may be venues for trapping residues which may lead to breaking.

There are those made of metal or steel. They’re stronger and more durable but are heavier and more difficult to maintain.

Wheelbarrow Handles

They have the power to ease up or make difficult your work. The comfort is number one when you’re considering the handle. They are mostly made from plastic, wood or steel. Wood and plastic handles are more lightweight and comfortable preferred by many users. Steel, however, is heavier, stronger and stiffer preferred by construction workers.

The Wheels

Wheelbarrows can either be single or double wheeled. A majority have a single wheel with two legs at the back for sturdiness and stability. Single wheeled wheelbarrows are easy to navigate especially where the terrain isn’t smooth like in the farm or the barn. They can, however, be unstable and difficult to control when you’re carrying heavier loads. Double wheels are more stable but are difficult to maneuver in tight spaces, so you need to have more space around it.

Final Verdict

Wheelbarrows can make your work easier, and you don’t need to employ extra man power to help you move materials around. With wheelbarrows, you can do versatile things by yourself.