The thought of your toilet leaking is very horrifying, ask any home owner, and they will concur with me. Leaking toilets are just a pain in the ass hence you should always be prepared with ready tips on how to fix your toilet in case of any leaks. Therefore, with this guide, I am certain that I will set you to a clear path when it comes to fixing your leaking toilet.  The following are tips that you should follow to fix your toilet.

Check the Float and Inlet Valve

The first thing that you should do is to take a look inside the water tank and inspect the condition of the float and the valve. If you see that water level is on the rise above the overflow tube, then the problem is based on the inlet valve or the float located on the ballcock.  To ascertain this, you must flush your toilet and then lift the rod that holds the float, and if you hear the water stop, this will mean the inlet valve is okay and the float is the problem.

How To Fix Toilet


Adjust the float

There is a screw that is located the top of the ballcock which allows you to adjust the level of the float. This adjustment may be able to reduce the level to which the water is supposed to rise in the tank. If you go through this and the adjustment fails to stop the water from rising into the overflow tube, then your problem is just the float itself. To remedy this, you should change some new parts on the float that would be a lasting solution.

Turn the water off

When testing the inlet valve and you realize the water does not stop, then the problem is based at the ballcock. You can repair a broken ballcock, but some experts usually advise that you just get a new replacement that houses the whole assembly. Immediately you turn the water off at the shutoff valve, try flushing your toilet with your hand holding down the handle to remove most water in the tank. You can use a sponge to remove excess water from the tank’s bottom.

Replace the Assembly

Just remove the whole supply line that connects at the bottom of the ballcock at the base of the tank. You can use slip joints to remove the nuts securing the ballcock to the tank. After that, you should push it from the bottom to lift out the old assembly. Afterward, you should drop the new ballcock assembly and thread on the new nut underneath the tank.

Ensure that you tighten it with slip joint pliers to tighten the grip and after you through you can re attach the supply line. In the toilet tank, you should clip on the new refill tube into its desired place then you can comfortably turn the water on at the shutoff and test your new assembly.

Flapper test

A flapper test is a very simple procedure that includes turning off the water at the shutoff valve and then exercising patience to see if the water levels drop in the tank. If you notice any drops after a period then the problem is at the core of the flapper, the chain may be too tight hence preventing the dropping of the flapper all the way into the seat.

Flapper Replacement

You should first drain the tank then; turn off the water from the valve. Flush down your toilet while holding down the handle. You can wipe the flapper with a clean cloth making sure there are no traces of debris, and you can check for any cracks.  If their flapper is damaged, you can replace it immediately.

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