It is exciting and enjoyable to use a bike for riding, jumping or traveling somewhere but the difficulties are when you need to repair your bike. Although a bike has made with many components but star nut is one of the essential and sensitive part. The start nut setup close to handlebar and responsible to carry control of your bike as well as balance for all the time. Although handlebar fixed with vertical combination but star nut switches the process to horizontal progress.

However, although start nut play a vital role whether you ride a bike and as a sensitive part it can be broken or face some problems anyway that you have to fix. Whether you are thinking to fit star nut yourself, it might require some previous experience and guide to know that how to fit a star nut. You will be surprised to know that o am going make you clear if you read this article till the end.

how to fit a star nut

Necessary Tools

Whenever you plan to fit the start nut of your bike, you need some necessary tools to handle all the functions. However, you do not need a lot of parts of tools but you need something which is thick and enable to work through a thick place. The most commonly uses tool is stir nut-fitting tool to put on the nut and a hummer to hit on the fitting tool. At the case you have to choose a lightweight fitting tool, which is not too heavy, as well as easily you can move on. The hummer should not be very large size or heavy weight. You must bring a hummer that you can handle easily.

The preparation

Whether you are going to fit start nut of your bike you need some preparation too. We already talked that it is one of the sensitive but essential part of bike and you have to every stage very carefully. As a basic preparation, you have to wear a hand grip to save You from incident and cloths to keep you far from dust. As your first step, you have to bring the full frame and try to see the start nut position. Bring the handlebar set to your front then go for action. As a first step, you have to put the start nut fitting tool on the star nut and look carefully to set on the top of the nut with middle position. When the position is already fixed then you have to go for next action. Hit the start nut fitting with hummer. The most important thing to consider here that you should not hit with all of your energy. You have to hit with slow motion as well as keep control on your hands the avoid accident. However, as previous experience after Heater for 3 to 6 times the bar would come out, that is end of this stage.

Set the handlebar

This is the final step to fit star nut. However, you already have fixed the handle bar and nut to join with handlebar no this is time to make a complete bike. There are two different cockers with handlebar that you have to bring and lock the handlebar nut with start nut grip nut. The things to consider here that you have to join everything tightly and perfectly to avoid any unexpected accident or harmful occurrences.