Have you ever been in a group of bikers yet you remain behind or they mock you because you don’t know where to drive mountain bike? As much as it is intimidating, you also get motivated in some way.  Like me, I made it a mission to beat my group at biking someday and I did it.  I also thought of helping other people who want to learn.

It is actually a good feeling to know how to bike faster,  climb better, go down the hill without fear and beat any obstacle that may be on your way fearlessly. But, for you to be the best, you have to start somewhere which is as follows:

  1. Braking

The brakes are the most important parts of a bike and if you know how to use them, then you are good at biking. One thing about the brakes is that you need to use head smartly. Like when you are going down a slope, it is your judgement that will help you know the amount of pressure you will need to squeeze your breaks. Just remember a bike going downhill, the front tire bears the most weight and once you know how to balance it, it means you know how to control your brakes.

mountain bike

  1. Going uphill

Going up a hill or a slope is a fear most beginning bikers have. But you don’t have to be afraid anymore because it is simple. You just need to simply shift into a low gear after easening your peddling so as to decrease pressure on the chain. You also need to install a gear on your mountain bike depending on the terrain you intend to explore.

You may also prefer staying seated because you will be helping your back tire to maintain grip and not spin out. Going up a hill only requires energy and you will be there.

  1. Going downhill

Everyone finds going down the hill very easy but what you don’t know is you can’t just wake up one morning and be perfect at it.  You need to master simple skills like shifting into the big chain ring.  This will help you prevent the bikes chain from coming of and also protect you in case you crash on the pedal. You will also have to relax and stay loose, have a strong grip of the handles and bend your elbows to absorb shock.

  1. Don’t oversteer or lose control

As a beginner, you may not know that mountain biking is like downhill skiing. You need to shift your weight from one side to the other. You also need to understand that your bike follows the route in your mind.  It is like reflex.  You don’t have to overthink about steering your bike into one direction or you may lose control. You should also stay above the saddle and stand on your peddles while going down a bumpy slope. This is to allow your legs and knees take part in absorbing the shock of the rocky trail felt from your rear tire.

  1. Drop your saddle

You will need to drop your saddle sometimes. For instance in the case of steep and rough go downs, you are required to drop your saddle like three or two inches below. This way, you get to bring down your center of gravity so as to improve your equilibrium and bounce comfortably.  Maintain your pedals parallel to the ground like your front pedal may be slightly higher so as to avoid the small side rocks and tree stamps.

  1. Stay focused

Just like anything else, you need to stay focused while biking. For example while going down a slope, put your utmost concentration and focus for you to reach the bottom safely and nicely. That way, you will escape every groove, rock, holes, bumps and tree stumps.  Only three things should be on your mind: you, your bike and your trail. If you lose focus you may lose your track, hit your bike on something like a tree and you will fall of your bike and get hurt.