To make the perfect swing, you need the perfect velocity and inertia. Well, the two factors depend on the size of your bat. Talking about size, I am referring to both weight and length. That is why you need to learn how to size a baseball bat.

Below are a few tips about how to size a baseball bat.

  • Sizing for an adult

There are several ways to go about sizing for an adult. One of the ways is to hold the baseball bat along the length of your arm. If the bat sizes up to the length of your arm from the middle of the chest to the tip of the middle finger, then the bat is a perfect fit for you. You should carry this measurement with your arm stretching straight to your side.

How To Size A Baseball Bat

The second method, while standing, put the bat on your side. Ensure that the bat touches the ground. If your hand touches the handle, this is an indication the bat is right for you. Another option is to hold the bat outwards to the front, starting from the center of your chest. If by stretching your arm you can grab the bat’s barrel the size is fine for you.

  • Sizing for children

Sizing baseball bats for children is more delicate, comparing to sizing for adults. The firsthand experience that your kid gets with the bat determines their play. It could be the wrong size, but they cannot tell. The basic method is to compare the kid’s size to that of the bat. The bat’s height should measure up to anywhere around the kid’s hip area, far too much below or high, will be short and long respectively.

Sizing for both kids and adults

So, for both adults and kids, there is a more accurate method to size a baseball bat. It involves measuring the weight and height. You will then proceed to look up on a standard table for the right bat size, depending on the height and weight of the individuals.

Weight (lbs.)/height (inches)3.5-3.83.9-4.04.1-4.44.5-4.84.9-55.1-5.45.5-5.85.9-66.1 and above
Under 6027282929

NB: Height and length measurements in inches

In conclusion

No longer will you make guesswork on the right baseball bat. These methods will help you with getting the perfect size for you and you kids too. Let’s enjoy the sweet game of baseball using the right size of bats. It is the first step towards being a good baseball player and enjoying the game.

How To Size A Baseball Bat
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How To Size A Baseball Bat
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